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Our chicken and bacon Caesar salad with anchovy and parmesan cheese dressing · 16.45
Russian salad with spicy mayonnaise and sauteed king prawns · 16.45
Mixes toomato salad with ventresca, kalamata olives and leeks · 16.45
Burrata salad with rocket and sundried tomatoes · 17.45
Green mango salad with sauteed king prawns. and thai dressing · 18.95


Hummus with aubergine chips and honey · 10.95
Avocado tartar with tomato goat´s cheese · 15.45
Mediterranean Dips with beet chrain, spicy fetta, sicílian caponata and baba ganush with crudités and home made crackers · 16.45
King prawn ceviche with Idiazábal cheese · 18.95
Steak tartare with home made chipped potatoes · 18.95
Mini Tacos with tuna sashimi · 18.95
Wild tuna tartar with wakame seaweed · 19.95

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Patatas bravas with paprika sauce and alioli · 10.95
Prawns and vegetable Gyozas with swet soya sauce and wasabi mayonnaise · 13.45
Fried chicken with "mojo rojo" mayonnaise · 13.45
Croquettes with iberico ham· 13.45
Crispy baby squid with chipotle mayonnaise · 16.45
Josper grilled vegetables with parmesan cheese and romescu sauce · 16.45
Vegetable tempura with oriental dressing · 17.45
Fried eggs with potato crisps, iberico ham and truffle sauce · 17.95
King prawn tempura with spicy mayonnaise · 18.95


Parmiggiana Roasted aubergines with mozzarella and parmesan cheese · 16.45
Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil and asparagus · 16.45
Josper rice With kingprwans, baby squids and octopus · 17.45
Spicy mellow rice with marinated black cod · 26.45
Pad thai spicy rice noodles with vegetables and prawns · 17.95
Grilled salmón with vegetables and mediterranean dressing · 19.95
Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and "mojo verde" · 21.95
Wild tuna tataki with ponzu sauce and wakame seaweed · 22.95
Wild tuna fish steak with green peppers and fresh garlic dressing · 25.45
Grilled sea bass with vegetables and spicy garlic dressing · 29.65
Josper grilled chicken with vegetables and french fries · 17.45
Free range chicken curry with jazmín rice · 17.45
Dry aged Bacon Cheese Burger · 16.45
Dry aged Burger with ibérico ham, manchego cheese and fried egg · 18.45
Marinated baby pork ribs and charcoal grilled · 20.95
Cordon bleu fillet steak with ibérico ham and cheese · 21.95
Grilled fillet steak with vegetables · 22.95
Dry aged picanha with mix of chips and chimichurri · 27.45
Grilled beef sirloin with rocket salad, parmesan cheese and semi dried tomato · 29.45


Brownie with chocolate ganache and vanilla ice-cream · 8.95
Apple tart with vanilla ice-cream · 8.95
Creamy mascarpone cheesecake with berries · 8.95
Strawberries with cream · 8.95
Almond and coconut "sweetpot" with Oreo Ice-cream · 9.95
Torrija our special bread pudding with almond ice-cream · 8.95
Ferrero Rocher with hazelnut ice-cream · 9.95
Lemon or tangerine sorbet (alcohol free) · 6.00
Lemon or tangerine cava sorbet al cava · 7.00
Selection of home dame ice-cream · 8.95




Avocado maki · 8,95
Maki filled with avocado.
Shake maki ·9,95
Maki filled with salmón.
Tekka maki · 10,95
Maki filled with tuna.
Yasai teriyaki cream roll · 17,95
Crispy aspagarus, courgette, cream cheese, mango, avocado and teriyaki sauce uramaki
Shake avocado cream roll · 18,95
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese and ponzu sauce uramaki
Mediterranean shake avocado roll · 17,95
Sundried tomatoes, mozzarela, salmon, avocado and pesto uramaki
Spicy ika tempura · 18,95
Squid tempura with spicy crab, onion, spicy mayonnaise and tobiko uramaki
Spicy tuna avocado roll · 18,95
Spicy wild tuna an avocado uramaki
Hot shake avocado futomaki · 18,95
Fried futomaki with salmon, onion, cream cheese and avocado.
Nikko · 19,95 
Eel uramaki, with avocado, tempura sweet potato and aspagarus. 
Ebi tempura kinoko · 19,95
King prawn tempura , cream cheese and sautéed mushrooms with teriyaki sauce.
Ebi tempura tuna avocado roll · 19,95
Crispy king prawn uramaki with tuna, avocado and ponzu sauce.
Flamed shake crispy onion ·19,95<
Flamed salmon uramaki, with cream cheese, avocado crispy onion capellan roe and mango and mustad sauce.
Combinado de sushi y sashimi ·39,95
Combination of 18 pieces of sashimi, nigiri and maki.


Shake sashimi (Salmon 3 pieces) · 9,95
Maguro sashimi (wild tuna 3 pieces) · 9,95
Combination of 4 pieces of tuna and 4 pieces of salmon · 23,95


Shake nigiri (salmón) · 3,75

Nigiri unagi (eel) · 3,95
Maguro nigiri (atún) · 3,75